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How to Avoid an Inappropriate Relationship

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Have you fallen for someone and now wonder if you may be crossing a line by seeing him or her romantically? Not every person you have feelings for is the right one to date.

Here are some people to avoid when it comes to the question of starting a relationship.



How to End a First Date

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Many daters wonder how to tell a date you’re packing it in for the night gracefully. Do you abruptly get up? Look at your watch? Linger until the other person leaves?

Whether you’ve had a great time or not, sooner or later things need to draw to a close when you’re on a date. Ending an evening can be tricky, but here are a few guidelines to help you out.


How to Argue with Your Partner

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No one likes conflict – especially when it comes to fighting with someone you care about. But the reality is that arguing is not only unavoidable in a relationship, it’s actually healthy if done in a positive way. Here’s why.

How to Fight Fair

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Learning how to settle disagreements is an important part of any partnership. And while arguments can actually be beneficial to your relationship, it’s important to maintain positive communication that doesn’t demean your partner or harm your union.

Not sure if you’re fighting the right way? Here are some tips to help settle issues while still maintaining a great relationship.

How to Get Over Your Ex

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Can’t seem to find the right guy or girl for you? Maybe it’s because you’re still stuck on your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

When you’re hung up on a previous relationship, you automatically sabotage any chance for new love. Here are some signs you might be holding on to feelings for a past flame, and how to move on from them.

How to Date Casually

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Remember fun? That’s what dating is supposed to be.

For most singles, it was fun, at some point. But as time goes on the notion of finding your soul mate can seem like a pressure filled, full-time job. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s how to change your ideas about finding a relationship and still have fun being single. Here’s how.

How to Learn About Love From American Idol

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Oh sure, American Idol has brought us new pop artists like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood

But did you know we can also learn alot about LOVE from the hit show?  Here are four great lessons we can learn about love and relationships from American Idol.