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How to Stay Friends With an Ex

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You meet, you date, you break up (or, possibly you live together or get married). But what if one of you wants to stay friends afterward? Is that even possible?

It is possible to successfully pull off the “dating to friends” scenario, but it takes two special people and a fair amount of effort. If you’re thinking of staying friends with an ex, here are some points to consider.


How to Avoid a Friends With Benefits Relationship

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If you’re like many singles, there exists a person in your life from the opposite sex that for whatever reason never interested you enough to date. As time goes on, perhaps there are even moments of flirtation with your pal and thoughts of a sexual nature. Perhaps one of you was always seeing someone, making it impossible for you to date each other.

If you break up with your partner or otherwise find yourself alone, this friend may seem like a viable solution to get over feelings of loneliness. But before you jump into bed with someone you care about only as a friend, consider these points.

How to Approach and Meet People

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Don’t just stand there when you spot someone who catches your eye!  Ask them out. 

Here are some hassle -free suggestions on how to approach people:  At church, at the fleamarket, at sporting events, at the supermarket, and at the bookstore.

How to Make a Scrapbook Calendar

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Have a hard to buy-for person on your list? If you’re stumped for a one-of-a-kind gift idea, consider making a memory calendar. With a few simple steps, you can create a unique gift your recipient will cherish for years to come.

How to Make a Dating Scrapbook

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Looking for a unique gift idea in honor of the new love in your life? How about a dating scrapbook? It’s easy to do and personalize; making it a present your partner won’t get from anyone else. Here’s how to get started.

How to Be Supportive to Someone Who Has Diabetes

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When a friend finds out they’re sick, they need your help more than ever before. Diabetes, especially, can be a frightening diagnosis. Your friend has to deal with a multitude of finger pricks, injections, and the occasional episode of low blood sugar. You probably feel for them and want to be supportive. However, there is a right and wrong way to let your friend know you’re there for him or her. Following are some tips on the best ways to support your friend.

How to Have an Argument

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The more time people spend together, the more the likelihood that they’ll have an argument at some point. It’s natural for people to disagree from time to time, but it doesn’t have to mean an end to friendship or tension going forward. By following these guidelines, you can still get your point across while maintaining respect for the other person.