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How to End a First Date

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Many daters wonder how to tell a date you’re packing it in for the night gracefully. Do you abruptly get up? Look at your watch? Linger until the other person leaves?

Whether you’ve had a great time or not, sooner or later things need to draw to a close when you’re on a date. Ending an evening can be tricky, but here are a few guidelines to help you out.



How to Go on a Great First Date

Posted in First Dates on January 17, 2008 by thedifferencenow

You’ve met your date out for coffee and the two of you agreed to meet again, this time for a real first date. But what to do?

Don’t fret.  First dates should be fun and light.  Here are some suggestions to set you on the right course.

How to Proceed After a Coffee Shop Date

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You’ve spent that hour out on your first meeting and had a great time. Now what?

How to Avoid Poor Conversation Topics on a First Date

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A first date can be difficult enough. You’re nervous, your date is anxious, and all the two of you want to do is determine if you’re right for each other. Sounds simple enough, but as many singles admit, starting off on the right foot with your date can be tricky.

When you are about to meet someone for the first time, avoid these conversation topics.

How to Practice Good First Date Etiquette

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first date etiquette

An ounce of decorum goes a long way when it comes to dating. Here are five points you should know before you meet someone new.

How to Meet Your First Date With Confidence

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First dates can be a breeze if you know what to do… and what to avoid.

The thing about first dates is… you have to endure them in order to have a second date (and a third… and so on.) First dates can be awkward or terrific, nerve-racking or sublime. But whether you’re meeting someone you’ve only chatted with online, or hooking up with a blind date, first dates can be exciting and fun if you follow these pointers.

How to Post Secondary Photos to Your Profile

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how to post photos on a profile

Photos are a great way to further tell your story when it comes to your online profile. By adding photos that show you doing things you enjoy, potential dates will get a better sense of what you’d be like to go out with. The first priority is the main headshot. Once you have that in place, add two to four more photos (depending on how many the site you’re using will allow) that will add context.  Here are some tips to help you add the right visual appeal.