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How to Be Thankful for Your Ex’s

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You may cringe when you think of some of the people you’ve gone out with, but there are a few reasons to be grateful.

If you’ve dated for a few years and still haven’t had a successful relationship, you may think you have been wasting your time in going from one person to another. But thank each and every one of your ex’s! By dating the wrong people, you’ve have gained some valuable experience which will actually help you figure out when you finally meet the right one for you.


How to Tell if Your Partner is Hooked on an Ex

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Sometimes it’s a subtle feeling… sometimes it’s more. How to spot when your partner’s ex is a threat and not a friend.

When it comes to remaining friends with their ex’s, some singles think it’s a great idea while others cringe at the very thought. The ability to stay friends with someone you once dated is possible, but it takes a special effort and a realistic point of view.

There are times, however, when people fail to move on from their ex emotionally or sexually after a break up. They stay in touch with their former flame and call it friendship, but in reality they hold on to a part of an ideal they wanted the relationship to be. The danger in this behavior is that they hang in a kind of “love limbo” – not seeing their past clearly and not able to truly move on with someone new.

If you’re dating someone you suspect is still tied to their ex, what should you do? Here are some common issues and how to deal with them.

How to Get Over Your Ex

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Can’t seem to find the right guy or girl for you? Maybe it’s because you’re still stuck on your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

When you’re hung up on a previous relationship, you automatically sabotage any chance for new love. Here are some signs you might be holding on to feelings for a past flame, and how to move on from them.

How to Stay Friends With an Ex

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You meet, you date, you break up (or, possibly you live together or get married). But what if one of you wants to stay friends afterward? Is that even possible?

It is possible to successfully pull off the “dating to friends” scenario, but it takes two special people and a fair amount of effort. If you’re thinking of staying friends with an ex, here are some points to consider.

How To Move On From a Breakup

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You’ve broken up with your significant other.  Now what?  Do you jump into work?  Get a hobby?  Go out with someone else right away?  Here are some tips to help you out.

How to Break Up With Someone

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how to break up with someone

Ending a relationship is a difficult decision. If you’re thinking of breaking up with someone, here are some tips to help you out.

How to Know If Your Friendship Has Turned Into an Emotional Affair

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signs of emotional affair

Friendships are great.  Emotional affairs are trouble.  Here are some guidelines to determine if you’re having an inappropriate relationship.